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UBI SOFT Chessmaster 9000 PC

Chessmaster 9000 for PC
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UBI SOFT Chessmaster 9000 PC
The Teacher: For Beginning and Advanced Players
Learn the best opening moves and winning strategies. Improve your game with the New Blunder Alert Feature. Receive hints and easy-to-under-stand audio advice.
The Mentor: Master the Game of KingsNew Psychology of Competition Chess Course. New Mentor Lines window for choosing the depth of advice. Innovative tutorials from celebrated chess coach, Bruce Pandolfini. Study over 800 classic and Grandmaster games. A new Endgame Quiz from five time che ss champ, Larry Evans.
The Ultimate Opponent: More Powerful Than Ever
Customize your own opponent. Challenge the Chessmaster and play at the Grandmaster level. Complete with over 50 opponents from beginner to Grandmaster-level.

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