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UBI SOFT CSI Crime Scene Investigation 2 PC

Crime Scene Investigation 2 - PC Games (Barcode EAN = 3307210166333).
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UBI SOFT CSI Crime Scene Investigation 2 PC
Reviewer: A gamer from Leeds, Yorkshire United Kingdom
Building on the success of the original, Ubisoft is bringing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2: Dark Motives (Dark Motives) to the PC. Again, the game will use the images and voices of all the major CSI characters. Max Allen Collins (one of the authors of Road to Perdition) is doing the script, as well. Dark Motives will continue in the tradition of the original game using video, sound and the 3D sets from the television show. Changes made for the sequel include longer cases and a number of improvements designed to make the game feel more like a faster paced CSI episode. There will once again be five cases, with a new CSI partner for each case, but this time Gil Grissom will be your partner (not the victim) on the fifth case.
There are still vivid cut-scene reconstructions of the crime when you recover and understand sufficient evidence.
The cut-scenes further your understanding of the crime and help draw you into the action. Unlike the first game, there will be a dramatic visual set-up of the crime scene when you first arrive, complete with interesting camera angles and music inspired by the show. More and smoother camera cuts better evoke the feeling of the television series. There's also more vivid material, such as a suitably anatomical close up of a dead homeless man's internal organs in the first case the player takes on.
As in the first game, players in Dark Motives will still need to do a lot of investigative work in the crime lab. This portion of the game has been extended to better involve the player. Rather than handing genetic samples off to an analyst, players will be able to compare DNA sequences through the lab computer, or use the microscope to estimate time of death using insect using comparative samples. This makes the player's role in the crime lab more than just delivering and picking up evidence.

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