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UBI SOFT Dragon Riders Chronicles of Pern PC

Dragon Riders - Chronicles of Pern for PC
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UBI SOFT Dragon Riders Chronicles of Pern PC
A visually rich 3D Role playing Adventure game set in the world of Pern, Dragon Riders is an epic story that spans over 4 chapters and contains dozens of sub plots. You play D'Kor, a novice Dragon Rider who has to save the planet.
Dragon Riders - Chronicles of Pern is based on the Pern series of books written by Anne McCaffrey. At the heart of the game is a story which constantly progresses as you explore the world and interact with the vast array of characters that inhabit it.
Set at the time of the seventh pass of the Red Star, you take the role of D'kor, a novice Dragonrider known as a Weyrling. His fate is tied into a complex adventure in which the Red Star is not the only threat to life on Pern. With over 200 characters to interact with, a complex and thrilling story and some fiendish puzzles, D'kor must venture across the rich world Pern, in the hope of saving it from it's greatest enemy.
Features include dozens of stunning locations through the cinematic camera system, major player interaction with numerous non-player characters and the abilty to build up your character by improving skills and your social status. Truly an epic adventure with lots of depth

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