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UBI SOFT Ghost Recon 2 PC

Ghost Recon 2 - PC Games
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UBI SOFT Ghost Recon 2 PC
In the wake of one of North Koreas worst famines, an insidious North Korean general influences the government to secretly divert humanitarian aid to beef up its army - threatening all out war.
Complete Immersion in the War of Tomorrow: Feel the chaos of total war with intense battle sequences, countless enemies, and a gritty story that only Tom Clancy can deliver. Players will utilize the most high-tech, advanced weapons and gadgets to defeat the smartest, deadliest AI yet in this epic struggle.
New Graphic and Physics Technology: Real-life East Asian environments are rendered in stunning detail. Plus, Tom Clancys Ghost Recon 2 features next-generation technology such as dynamic lighting, multi-texturing, and ragdoll physics. The Havok 2 physics engine also provides realistic effects for destructible objects, moving vehicles and spectacular special effects.
Lead a Brand-New Team of Special Forces: Interact with and fight alongside new characters to the Tom Clancys Ghost Recon world - each with his or her own look, personality, and specialization. As the Ghost leader, control your squad via voice commands, hand signals, and a new, easy-to-use interface.
All-New Camera Angle Fully Immerses You in the War: Tom Clancys Ghost Recon 2 unveils a brand-new camera view to the Tom Clancys Ghost Recon world. The OTS (over-the-shoulder) view allows players to see their characters and weapons, and to watch their characters react to surrounding mortar, gunfire, and airstrikes. Players can also communicate with team-mates via hand signals to silently trap enemies.
Wage War Online: In keeping with its tradition as a leader in multiplayer and online gameplay, Tom Clancys Ghost Recon 2 will feature brand-new multiplayer modes

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