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UBI SOFT Myst Trilogy PC

Myst Trilogy for PC
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UBI SOFT Myst Trilogy PC
Myst Trilogy combines all three volumes of the mythical Myst saga -- Myst Masterpiece, Riven and Myst III: Exile -- into one epic pack. Players will journey to the classic Myst Island, to the wonderful world of Riven and conclude with the beautifully surreal ages of Myst III: Exile. Every ounce of intellect and intuition is required to learn the truth of the troubled Myst land, and gamers will begin to unravel the chilling tale of injustice and intrigue that defies all boundaries of space and time. Myst Trilogy will serve as the centerpiece for die-hard Myst fans' collections, and introduce the franchise to an entirely new generation of gamers

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