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Beach Life PC

Beach Life for PC
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Beach Life PC
Develop your own unique holiday resort - and make it work
Choose from over 50 different rides, attractions and facilities including jetski-ing, paragliding, party cruises and volleyball
Face the challenge of dealing with tricky guests antics and bad behaviour
Customer types include sun-worshippers, lager-louts, sports-lovers and party-goers
Funky soundtrack courtesy of built-in MP3 Player
Built-in camera with zoom lens facility lets you track individuals
Immortalise the best moments in photos which can be printed, emailed to friends or posted to the Beach Life website
G3 processor at 233 MHz or faster (333 MHz recommended)
64MB of memory (96 MB recommended)
2MB VRAM (4 MB recommended)
8X CD-ROM (16X recommended)
Hard drive with 350 MB minimum free space
Monitor and videos card capable of 800 x 600 and thousands of colours

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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