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Bigger Brain Training PC

Bigger Brain Training - PC Game
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Bigger Brain Training PC
Have fun while improving your brain power!
New scientific research shows that we can improve the health and function of our brains with the right mental training in just 10 to 15 minutes a day.
Mindscapes Bigger Brain Trainer helps you improve your mental sharpness, whatever age you are. Divided into five distinct areas; memory, logical, numerical, spatial and verbal; this program will provide you with a broad and thorough mental workout that will really help boost your brains performance. With unlimited questions and engaging exercises, Mindscapes Bigger Brain Trainer is the ideal way to return to mental fitness.
Key Features:
Unlimited number of questions - the program automatically generates new questions for each session.
Up to 5 difficulty levels.
Create multiple player profiles - for you and your family.
Scoring - compare your score or beat your best time.
Progress charting - track improvements daily, weekly and yearly.
10 minute "Daily Brain Test" - play a range of fun activities and review your progress.
Whatever your age, Bigger Brain Trainer is designed to help you improve memory, increase concentration and enhance logic.

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