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Jump Ahead Starting Maths PC

Jump Ahead - Starting Maths - PC Game
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Jump Ahead Starting Maths PC
Learning is fun with Hopsalot!
Todays a big day in CloudTown because its the birthday of Guthry, the Gloomy Giant. Guthry is sad because he thinks everyone has forgotten his birthday. But thats not true! As it turns out, everyone in CloudTown is secretly getting ready for a surprise party for Guthry, and they need your help. A mountain of cakes, presents, and balloons must be hidden in the Giants house before everyone can yell "Surprise!"
Writing Numbers - Fly your very own plane as you write numbers in the sky.
Addition - Add up stamps on the giants birthday card, then paint them with patterns.
Counting - Put the Hat Snappers in the correct order by looking at the numbers under their hats.
Measurement - Too-Loose the Tailor uses all sorts of things to measure rainbow ribbons. Help him cut strips long enough to wrap Guthrys birthday presents.

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