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Virgin Viva Football PC

Viva Football for PC
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Virgin Viva Football PC
Viva Football is a new type of soccer simulation that recreates all the passion, excitement and unpredictability of the real thing. The game employs a unique control system that gives players complete control. Shots, passes and crosses can be hit exactly as the player wishes; devastating through-balls are knocked with breathtaking accuracy; nifty one-twos, feints and dummies out-fox your opponent.
Viva Football is flexible enough to offer experienced players pin-point accuracy whilst ensuring first-timers can pick up and play without frustration. Using polished, hi-res 3D, combining speed with impressively realistic visuals, Viva Football allows you to play as as any international team from 1962 to 1998: from Brazil 1994 right down to the 1970 Netherlands Antilles team. Pick from any of the 987 teams with 1 974 authentic kits, 16 224 players and 259 584 player attributes. And with the help of PlayerChat™, the players shout to each other whilst politely pointing out where the ball should be played to

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