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Vivendi Barbie Beach Vacation PC

Barbie Beach Vacation - PC Games
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Vivendi Barbie Beach Vacation PC
Creativity and adventure come together when girls play all their favorite beach activities with Barbie. Players join Barbie and her friends on a beach vacation where they have fun surfing, building sand castles, scuba diving in search of exotic sea creatures and even water-skiing. By playing each game, girls earn cool party items -- such as Hawaiian leis, tiki torches, and beach umbrellas -- to throw a big beach party! Key Features: J Decorate the perfect beach party with flowers, ornaments, music and more J Mix and match Barbie beach wear from cool bathing suits to tropical party dresses J Seven different beach activities including surfing and snorkeling J Fun party items awarded throughout the game J Scrapbook of sand castle creations, beach party scenes and souvenir photos

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