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Vivendi Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition PC

Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition - PC Game
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Vivendi Empire Earth 2 Gold Edition PC
Empire Earth 2 will build upon the success of its predecessor by adding unique units powers leaders and inherent bonuses to all of the games 14 different civilizations. Cities territories and borders in Empire Earth 2 often treated as eye candy in other real-time strategy games will factor into game play and be treated as tradable resources much like they are in the real world. The games artificial intelligence will be more reactive dynamic and variable than its predecessors able to adapt to human opponents in ways that are more engaging for the player. And for the first time in the Empire Earth series ambient weather and seasons like fog and snowfall will affect game play forcing players to adapt their strategies to the changing environment. Contains both Empire Earth 2 and Empire Earth 2: Art Of Supremacy (Expansion Pack). Fierce Enemies: Squads of tactical teams use coordinated attacks and flanking manoeuvres to pin you down and take you out. High tech assassins cling to walls and ceilings and a

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