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Vivendi Homeworld PC

Homeworld - PC Game
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Vivendi Homeworld PC
Kharak, a barren wasteland orbiting an insignificant star, has been our home for as long as we can remember. Until now, only vague myths of our past remained, but then came the discovery: an ancient tablet long hidden in the Great Banded Desert, Buried within the wreckage of a half-destroyed spacecraft. Now we know, this planet is not ours. We have been driven away from our Homeworld by conquerors, and billions of our people are dead. It is now time to leave this cold, lifeless planet. It is time to return home.
For the first time, RTS fans will be able to manage resources and send their armies to combat in an amazing real 3D universe, where danger can appear from every angle.
With its epic storyline extended over 16 single player missions and a broad range of incredibly detailed vessels, Homeworld opens up endless possibilities.

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