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Vivendi Jurassic Park 3 Scan Command PC

Jurassic Park 3 - Scan Command for PC
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Vivendi Jurassic Park 3 Scan Command PC
Evil scientist InGen has bred an army of dinosaurs to take over Jurassic Park. In Jurassic Park 3 - Scan Command you play a ScanCommand agent whose mission is to defeat InGen and his deadly dinosaurs, by breeding a team of your own. Using the unique ScanCommand device, which is a barcode reader, find, collect and trade super powers, turning everyday barcodes into dinosaur powers. For kids aged 8 and above.
There are 7 action-packed 3D levels to complete, from swamps to ancient ruins and the deadly InGen Laboratory. 'Hidden' in every barcode is a strand of DNA, which you must download to create and customise your own army of dinosaurs. You can collect powers, customise up to 8 species of dinosaurs, and interact and join forces with friends and trade powers.
Using the ScanCommand device you can scan everyday objects - anything with a barcode - found around the home, school and at shops. The ScanCommand, designed to resemble a cellular phone with cool sounds and visuals, is the key to the entire mission as it is programmed to convert everyday barcodes into dinosaur DNA. Kids gain special dinosaur powers by running the tip of the handheld scanner over the barcode of any household product and uploading the converted DNA into their computer game. The ScanCommand is able to store up to twenty five barcodes at one time, and by connecting the scanners, kids can trade collected DNA with friends to create stronger, smarter and fiercer dinosaurs!
System Requirements:
Pentium 266 equivalent with 100 MHz bus minimum
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP
150 MB hard disk space
24x or greater CD-ROM drive
Windows compatible soundcard
3D compatible video card with 4 MB required
Serial Port for scan gun & 3 AAA batteries

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