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Vivendi Leisure Suit Larry Collection PC

PC Games - Leisure Suit Larry: Collection
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Vivendi Leisure Suit Larry Collection PC
Retrace the steps of 40-something lovable loser Larry Laffer.
From the original Land of the Lounge Lizards through luxury cruises, tropical isles and beyond in search of Miss Right - or at least Miss Right Now. All five hilarious games are included for hours of risque play. Whatever your age, Larry will make you feel better about your love life.
Revisit all of Larrys old stomping grounds as the ladies stomp on him. Again.
Pick up this box. Then try picking up women.
Now playable on todays PCs, including, for the first time ever, Windows XP.
Nostalgic point and click gameplay makes Leisure Suit Larry accessible to gamers of any skill level.
All the original risque humour and obscure inside jokes make Larry equally entertaining for older teens and adults.
Rekindle all the tantalising conversations and puzzles to help guide the "charming" lovable Larry to the girl of his dreams.
Includes 5 complete Leisure Suit Larry games.

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