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WANADOO Dark Age Of Camelot Shrouded Isles PC

Dark Age Of Camelot: Shrouded Isles. PC Game
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WANADOO Dark Age Of Camelot Shrouded Isles PC
Shrouded Isles is an expansion pack, which adds new elements to the online experience that is Dark Age of Camelot. SI supplies access to new races, classes, monsters, landscapes, graphics, etc. and provides you with new things to discover. Players dont have to buy the add-on. They can play together with players, which have the add-on, but they wont see the new features. The add-on includes high-resolution textures, realistic water with reflections, shadows on players, monsters, and world objects, etc. In addition the frame rate has been massively improved, with much less slow-down evident when other players are on the screen at the same time. New Ambient Music! The music has been written in a multi-track format so that different bits and pieces of it can be applied randomly together in a way that is not intrusive, but adds life and atmosphere to the game. Shrouded Isles also has 3 new continents in each realm, each populated by a new race. In addition there are also 6 new character classes to choose

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