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Iron Storm - PC Games
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Between reality and fiction, Iron Storm takes place in an imaginary environment inspired by real events. It takes real elements from the First World War (trenches, barbed-wire fences, mines, gas warfare, snipers) and combines them with elements from the Second World War (automatic weapons, radar, tanks, flame throwers) as well as features of modern warfare (helicopters, lasers, and electronics).
The scene is set: war-torn Europe stands ripped apart by a frontline that runs straight through the heart of Germany where American and Western European troops battle against enemy forces. In an eternal war that seems to have no end in sight, opposing forces mercilessly attack each other with unrelenting force, claiming small victories one day only to lose them the next.
As Lieutenant James Anderson you must infiltrate and destroy key enemy positions deep behind enemy lines using your sharpened combat skills, and stealth where necessary. If successful, your mission could finally put a stop to the carnage and restore what everybody has long since forgotten about: peace

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