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Xicat Zanzarah PC

Zanzarah for PC
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Xicat Zanzarah PC
Step into a mystical world of fairies, elves, goblins, pixies, dwarves, druids and wizards, in Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal. Zanzarah is a fantastic story of three worlds colliding: the real world, the world of fairies and the fantasy world of Zanzarah, inhabited by magical people. In the olden days, all worlds were connected. Humans and fairies respected each other and lived peacefully together.
These worlds have always existed. Nowadays only the legends tell of a time when the worlds were united. Humans began to suppress magic and everything related to it. Druids were tortured, magical sites were destroyed and fairies were persecuted or burned. Everything to do with magic was forbidden and destroyed! In order to protect the inhabitants of Zanzarah the last and strongest druid decided to separate the worlds.
He closed the portals joining the worlds and created a "guard" to keep the paradise world of Zanzarah safe from mankind. What had once been united was separated from then on. The years passed and the humans forgot all about the connection to the world of magic, which had once been perfectly natural… until one of them was called to this empire of the fairies in order to save the magic world from impending chaos.
Prophecies tell of a young girl who will come to free the enslaved fairies from their imprisoned magical land. It is now the mission of Amy, a young human, to set out on a journey to restore Zanzarah and reunite the three worlds. She must collect magical fairies along her way to help battle the darker forces she will encounter that do not want the worlds to reunite. Once she has found the portal stones, she will have unlocked the portals, thus freeing the fairies and reuniting the worlds as they were meant to be.
This third person, action adventure features lush, detailed worlds filled with beautiful flora and bizarre inhabitants, brought to life with rich graphics and sound. Vibrant spell effects, stunning particle systems and rich models bring this fantasy world to life!

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