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Xplosiv Civilisation Call To Power PC

Civilisation: Call To Power for PC
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Xplosiv Civilisation Call To Power PC
The Next Generation Of The Greatest Startegy Game Series Of All Time.
With over 2.5 million copies sold, Civilization, the greatest strategy game series of all time, is about to go farther into uncharted gameplay. Welcome to Civilization: Call to Powe r.
Build an empire to span history from primitive beginnings into the sci-fi future of 3000 A.D. Lead a turn-based conquest in which every strategy devised, technology discovered and war waged has repercussions on your future world. Answer the call. Th e power is in your hands.
Exploration, discovery, research, technology, and the Wonders of the World are your tools as a global leader. Make ever social, economic and diplomatic decision to shape your civilization's destiny.
Deploy over 65 beautiful ly detailed units, 7000 years' worth of weaponary, and over 90 technological advances. Test your multiplayer leadership abilities against other world superpowers via the Internet and LAN.
Lead your conquest on Land, Sea, and in Space. Discover and harv est vast oceanic resources to grow immense underwater empires. Build orbital space colonies to devastate your enemies

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