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Xplosiv Civilization Call To Power 2 PC

Civilization: Call To Power 2 for PC
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Xplosiv Civilization Call To Power 2 PC
History is What You Make It
What if the Ancient Egyptians had worshiped the god of commerce?
What if Japan hadnít bombed Pearl Harbour?
What if the Aztecs had invaded Spain?
What if you led the world?
More Strategies:
Build an empire to dominate the world over 6,300 years. Negotiate via the most advanced diplomatic model available, utilising options such as negotiating stances, compound proposals and counter offers.
More Might:
Master every aspect of your society using scientific, economic, diplomatic and military strategies. An all-new combat system gives you more power as you go against A.I. adversaries with unique personalities.
The power to change history is in your hands

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