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Xplosiv Dark Reign The Furture Of War PC

Dark Reign: The Furture Of War (for PC)
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Xplosiv Dark Reign The Furture Of War PC
A colossal war between the Imperium and Freedom Guard is annihilating your world To save your civilisation, you must enter the heart of an empire at war. Vanquish both military powers and alter the destiny of a galaxy.
Awarded PC Gamer's "GAME OF THE MONTH":
"The game's up Command & Conquer. A new era has dawned!" 92% - PC Gamer
Unsurpassed Construction Kit
Create missions and maps easily with the same tools used by the game designers themselves. Determine unit AI, set victory conditions and generate some of the largest SVGA maps ever for single and multiplayer missions!
Battleground Realism
Use precisely calculated 3-D terrain, elevation and line-of-sight to your strategic advantage. Predetermine unit paths and waypoints to launch simultaneous attacks on multiple fronts.
Player-Definable Unit AI
Command over 35 units with specific orders; deploy suicide bombers, hostage-takers, saboteurs and more. Set each unit's AI to determine behaviour in combat regulate a unit's level of independence or damage tolerance

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