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Xplosiv Grand Touring PC

Grand Touring for PC
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Xplosiv Grand Touring PC
Slip into a flameproof racing suit; pull on your driving gloves and buckle up for a sensational, power sliding, rubber burning, ride of a lifetime.
Grand Touring's unique AI system pits you against real thinking opponents in an arcade-quality motor-racing simulation that boasts the fastest, most beautiful PC graphics technology on the planet.
Grand Touring is the ultimate mix of motor-racing intelligence and adrenaline.
PC Gaming World – "highly realistic cars and a great replay feature" Auto Express – "Fast, awesome looking game"
Loaded – "Some of the fastest graphics you’ll see on a PC & very realistic handling"
Four unique driving conditions - Dry, Wet, snow and night
20 tracks to master
Compete in a variety of championships
Open up new car types by conquering the different championships

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