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Xplosiv Homeworld Cataclysm PC

Homeworld Cataclysm for PC
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Xplosiv Homeworld Cataclysm PC
A new stand-alone episode in the homeworld saga
15 years ago, we were awakened...
...from the cryo-trays. we had survived the journey to Hiigare, our lost homeworld. Then they told us that the planet we left behing had been destroyed, Our families.. . friends... everyone not on the mothership - killed. Destroyed by an enemy we never knew. We realised there was nothing for us on Hiigara. No property, no rights, no future for the 'Sleepers'. So we returned to the stars, fully awake this time, to work a nd rebuild our lives.
Homworld Cataclysm takes you back to the Homeworld universe and this time it's up to you to command the Kuun-Lan, a Hiigaran mining vessel, and transform it into a combat-ready mothership. Build and control a fleet of ships, resea rch technologies, and harvest resources while you search for a way to eradicate the alien horror a Hiigaran sect unwittingly released.
Homeworld's 3D graphics continue in CAtaclysm with 360 degrees of infinite space.
Time compression hastens travel and resource gathering. Fog-of-war and waypoints improve navigation An upgradeable and moveable mothership improves gameplay.
17 new stand-alone sin gle-player missions or play online, with up to 8 players allowed in one game.
18 individual new ships with unique unit stats and capabilities plus 25 new technologies to research

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