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Xplosiv Mig Alley PC

Mig Alley for PC
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Xplosiv Mig Alley PC
With closing attack speeds of up to 1,000 mph and without the luxury of modern radar-guided missiles, get up close to the enemy and wait until you see the whites of his eyes before consigning him to oblivion.
Take control of five totally authentic 1950s fighters and bombers, from the agile Russian MiG 15, to the awesome American F86 Sabre. MiG Alley takes you to the very heart of the bloody Korean conflict with mini-campaigns to full-scale offensives, as well as a fully dynamic battle system. The entire ground offensive push depends on your prowess in the air. One of the fastest, most graphic, action-packed historical flight sims around, MiG Alley is a battle of tactics, skill and, above all, nerve

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