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Xplosiv Supercar Street Challenge PC

Supercar Street Challenge for PC
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Xplosiv Supercar Street Challenge PC
Take your vision from the drawing board to the finish line, designing and racing the world’s fastest street machines in no-limits, high-speed competitions around the globe.
Create your dream car-morphing its body and selecting accessories and high-performance features.
Saleen™ S7™
Lotus™ Concept Vehicle M220™
Callaway™ C12™
Fioravanti™ F100™
Zonda™ C12-S™
Vision Industries™ CTEK K/2™
Bertone™ Pickster™
Rinspeed™ E-Go Rocket™
Pontiac® Concept GTO™
Take on 23 interactive courses in 7 cities, including London, Paris, Monaco, Munich and Los Angeles.
Careen down alternate routes and shortcuts. Plus, experience realistic weather/lighting effects.
Go bumper-to-bumper for victory in single-player races and two-player, head-to-head competitions

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