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Xplosiv Virtua Fighter PC

Virtua Fighter for PC
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Xplosiv Virtua Fighter PC
Akira Yuki, the only active master of the powerful Kung Fu technique known as Hakkyoku ken (“The Eight Point Fist") travels the world in search of enlightenment and worthy opponents. He has found them in in the World Fighting Tournament, where the strongest fighters determine who the master of hand-to-hand combat is. All techniques are allowed as long as the contestants use no weapons but their own bodies.
After weeks of trials, only seven other warriors remain: Sarah Bryant and her brother Jacky, Lau Chan and his daughter Pai, Jeffry McWild, Wolf Hawkfield and the ninja Kagemaru.
Virtua Fighter PC is an enhanced port of Sega's arcade hit Virtua Fighter. The PC version features the original characters and stages plus new textured versions of them

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