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Zoo Powerdrome PC

Powerdrome - PC Game
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Zoo Powerdrome PC
Set in the near future, speed heads will be able to take control of one of a selection of bizarre characters and pilot a blade, a jet-engined, anti-gravity bike, around tracks designed to rattle nerves and brain alike. The ultimate goal is to master both the blade and 24 different circuits at break-neck speed across exotic locations such as a partially terra-formed planet and a sub-tropical jungle in a distant part of the galaxy. Its the sheer speed of the game that will take the players breath away. Becoming adept at flying a blade will require more than just beginners luck. A unique feature is the way the player character conveys the motion of the vehicle on screen to give even more feedback than previously achieved in any other game. Characters react to every scrape, crash and event on the track, heightening the experience and hooking the player into the action as if they were actually on the blade themselves.

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