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42'' widescreen plasma tv
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Television typeSlim
Television size42 inchesSize of the television measured diagonally across the screen
Pure flat visible screen 42 inchesScreen sizes vary, pure flat screens reduce distortion
Picture gradingtbcRated by the independent experts at What Video and Widescreen TV Magazine.
Sound gradingtbcRated by the independent experts at What Video and Widescreen TV Magazine.
Connectivity gradingtbcRated by the independent experts at What Video and Widescreen TV Magazine.
++TUNER++> > >
Tuner box includedYesTuner box allows you to watch TV on your plasma screen and e nables connection of other audio/visual equipment
Auto set upYesAutomatically tunes in and sets the channels at the touch of a button.
++PICTURE++> > >
Picture enhancementNot featured
Progressive scanNo
Pixel resolution1024x1024The higher the number of pixels displayed on the screen, the higher the picture resolution will be.
Contrast ratio1000:1This is the measurement of the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black. The higher the contrast ratio the better the picture quality.
Brightness1200cd/m2Generally the greater the brightness the better quality of the picture, however it is how the brightness and contrast of the panel work together that determines the final picture performance quality.
Digital picture processingNo
Digital comb filterNo
Viewing angleNot featured
++SOUND++> > >
Speakers includedYesSpeakers are supplied with the panel. To optimise the performance of this TV you should consider using it with a full home cinema sound system which are available to buy on
Sub-woofer includedNo
Sound systemNicam Digital StereoFor standard stereo sound reproduction.
Digital sound processor (DSP)No
Audio power output (RMS)2x12 wattsA larger output results in greater volume.
Scart sockets3Easy of connection of a DVD player, video, digital box or adapter etc.
RGB scart socketsNo
S-Video socketYesEnables a high quality connection to a video or DVD player with a corresponding output. Delivers a higher quality image by sending the colour and brightness elements down four separate wires.
Component video connectionYesThis connection delivers the ultimate picture resolution and can be used to connect a DVD player or Home Cinema system with a corresponding output to the TV.
Composite video inputNo
AV inputsYesFor easy connection of equipment such as camcorders or games consoles.
HDMI connectionYesHigh Bandwidth Digital Multimedia Interface - highest qualit y digital connection
DVI connectionYesDigital Video Interface - high quality digital connection
HDCP enabledNo
Headphone socketNo
Optical connectionNo
Co-axial digital inputNo
VGA compatibleNo
SVGA compatibleNo
XGA compatibleNo
Other Features Picture-in-TextContinue viewing TV in an inset box whilst accessing teletext information.
200 ChannelsCan be set to receive different programmes.
NTSC compatibleAllows playback of NTSC format videos and DVDs. NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is the television system used primarily in USA and Japan.
Teletext for instant access to news & informationAccess to ceefax and teletext services.
250 Page Teletext memoryFor later recall of text pages.
FastextA quicker way to access Teletext information by using the red, green, yellow and blue buttons on the remote control.
On/off timerEnables the television to be preset to switch on and off
Sleep TimerCan be set to switch off automatically.
16:9 widescreen formatWidescreen format for viewing films in the format originally intended by the director.
On-screen menusFor easy selection of features.
PCMCIA slot for pay channel moduleEnables the addition of a digital satellite module to access pay channels.
Desktop TV stand includedA small stand that enables you to place the TV in an upright position on a larger floor standing unit

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