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Hyundai HPT5040

50'' nicam stereo widescreen plasma tv
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Hyundai HPT5040
Dimensions 77.0x125.0x10.0(H/W/D)cm
Television type Plasma Plasma screen panels are made up of thousands of tiny gas chambers that illuminte phosphors to produce colour when charged by electricity.
Television size 50 inches Size of the television measured diagonally across the screen
Screen format Widescreen (16:9) Widescreen format for viewing films in the format originally intended by the director.
Pixel resolution 1366x678 The higher the number of pixels displayed on the screen, the higher the picture resolution will be.
Contrast Ratio 1200:1 This is the measurement of the difference in light intensity between the brightest white and the darkest black. The higher the contrast ratio the better the picture quality.
Brightness 1000 Generally the greater the brightness the better quality of the picture, however it is how the brightness and contrast of the panel work together that determines the final picture performance quality.
Visible screen N/A
Sound Nicam Digital Stereo For standard stereo sound reproduction.
Power output (RMS) 2x10w watts A larger output results in greater volume.
Scart sockets 1 Easy of connection of a DVD player, video, digital box or adapter etc.
RGB Scart sockets N/A
AV inputs rear For easy connection of equipment such as camcorders or games consoles.
S-Video socket Enables a high quality connection to a video or DVD player with a corresponding output. Delivers a higher quality image by sending the colour and brightness elements down four separate wires.
Component video inputs Yes This connection delivers the ultimate picture resolution and can be used to connect a DVD player or Home Cinema system with a corresponding output to the TV.
Tuner box included No
Speakers included Yes Speakers are supplied with the panel. To optimise the performance of this TV you should consider using it with a full home cinema sound system which are available to buy on
Tabletop stand Available Tabletop stand available to buy as an accessory from You will be offered this stand when you click on the "ADD TO BASKET" icon above.
Wall mountable Yes Wall bracket available to buy as an accessory from You will be offered this bracket when you click on the "ADD TO BASKET" icon above.
On screen menus Yes For easy selection of features.
Other Features Picture-In-Picture View one TV channel whilst a second is displayed in an inset box in one corner of the screen.
Desktop TV stand included A small stand that enables you to place the TV in an upright position on a larger floor standing unit.
Teletext for instant access to news & information Access to ceefax and teletext services.
Built in Analogue Tuner The tuner is built into the TV so there is no need for a separate tuner box to watch normal TV broadcasts.
Digital Comb Filter Separates combined colour and black & white picture information, to ensure crisp sharp picture detail without the kind of picture vibration experienced with fine picture detail.
tbc progressive scan Scans individual picture lines in sequence rather than alternately, maximising the clarity of digital images from DVD and enhancing NTSC software playback.
100 Channels Can be set to receive different programmes.
NTSC compatible Allows playback of NTSC format videos and DVDs. NTSC (National Television Standards Committee) is the television system used primarily in USA and Japan.
Sleep Timer Can be set to switch off automatically.
Remote control Enables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
Built in speakers

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