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PHILIPS 32PF9964C with stand

Plasma Television with stand
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PHILIPS 32PF9964C with stand
Flat TV
True Flat Multimedia TV which can be hung on the wall like a painting.
Plasma Display
Very advanced technology enabling very wide viewing angles, flicker free pictures and bright superb colours.
100Hz Digital Scan
Conventional Televisions scan the picture at 50 times per second (50 Hertz). This Frequency can be detected
by the human eye in the form of a flickering picture. 100 Hertz sets scan the picture at 100 times per second
eliminating the overall area flicker.
Digital Natural Motion
Philips 100hz technology produces the most stable pictures free from flickering. In our top sets this is allied to Natural Motion which solves the problem of objects juddering or losing shape when they move fast across the screen. Movements become smooth and natural.
Digital CrystalClear
A unique package of picture innovations including combfilter, scavem, and dynamic contrast, green enhancement and LTI adjustment giving natural colours,
high contrast and high level of details. In Digital Crystal Clear the contrast is assessed 50 times per second to optimise the picture further.
Full Active Control
The tv automatically analyses the incoming signal and adjust the key picture parameters of noise, sharpness, colour, contrast and format giving the best possible at all times. In addition the tv has an ambient light sensor and adjusts the picture according to how much light is in the room.
Compass GUI
New Graphical User Interface designed to ease navigation through the user Menus of Philips' top products
1200 Page Easytext
Extremely fast access to many text pages and the ability to scroll through subpages with no wait.
Full Dual Screen
Shows two pictures side by side from two different channels
Able to show main picture surrounded by eight smaller pictures from other channels
Different standards of showing computer generated images.This television can handle all these computer image standards and be used therefore as a monitor when connected to a computer
Comes complete with matching table top stand

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