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Ctv 107cm 16:9 Plasma 100hz Ex.Cabinet
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100 Hz Conventional television sets scan the picture 50 times per second (50Hz), a frequency which can be detected by the human eye in the form of a flickering picture
100 Hz Digital Scan Whilst 100hz eliminates the overall area flicker, the build-up of a TV image still results in visible vibration in horizontal lines
100hz sets scan the picture at twice this rate, resulting in a clear, stable picture
Digital Natural Motion
Digital scan eliminates this line flicker
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Euro A/V connector
Mosaic Screen[S]2[X]) Shows main picture surrounded by eight smaller pictures from other channels
NICAM stereo Enjoy stereo transmissions with the sound of 2 speakers
Teletext Page memory (440 pages) Speed of access to text pages depends on the number of pages that can be stored in the memory of the TV
Tube type (Plasma)

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