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Phillips 4231R

42 inch HD Ready Plasma TV
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Phillips 4231R
42 Inch Screen
852x480p WXGA
3000:1 Contrast Ratio
1000cm/m2 Brightness
HD Ready, 2 Scarts, PC in VGA
Antenna , 2 x 7 Watt RMS Speakers
Product Highlights
Pixel Plus
This set uses the power of the Pixel Plus processor to increase the number of lines and the number of pixels. The result is razor sharp pictures with incredible detail and dept. every time from any source.
Advanced anti burn-in function
This monitor is equipped with a protective function called “pixel shift” that detects little or no image movement. After every 4 minutes, the protection mechanism is activated and the screen image automatically shifts its pixel positions to prevent “image ghosting”. Secondly burn-in recovery is implemented: a method to removed ghost images by applying a full white signal on the whole panel for a certain amount of time.
3D Combfilter
DVI-I Input
A DVI-I input connects the non-compressed high-bandwidth digital RGB signal from source to screen. By eliminating the conversion of the digital signal to analog, it delivers an unblemished and noise free image, that is clear and flicker free. The DVI input supports HDCP copy protection that allows viewing of copy protected programs from Digital Settop boxes, DVD players and HD recorders. DVI-I is future proof as it can be connected to all HDMI devices (a converter cable is required). The DVI-I input also supports analog PC-VGA signals.

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