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Sony FWD32LX1S (FWD-32LX1S)

Plasma Screen
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Sony FWD32LX1S (FWD-32LX1S)
The FWD-32PX1N delivers outstanding picture quality because it incorporates the latest generation panel with native WXGA resolution and combines this with a new Sony Original Motion picture engine. Typical applications are corporate environments boardrooms reception areas public spaces airport lounges hotels and museums. The FWD-32PX1N offers a wide viewing angle crisp bright image increased lifespan and reduced power consumption. The FWD-32PX1N is a new design with a stylish and durable scratch resistant bezel.
* Large size wide viewing angle crisp bright image Suitable for corporate environment and public spaces
* New Sony Original Motion picture engine Outstanding picture quality (more than one billion colours available !)
* Durable scratch resistant bezel New stylish design
* Increased life span and reduced power consumption Lower cost of ownership
* PANEL: Plasma
* Panel size: 32

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