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Universal Remote 6 In 1 El-Display
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- Operates all brands and all features of TV, video recorder, DVD player, satellite receiver / cable box, CD-player and all hifi equipment
- Easy to use
- There is no key clutter, because the intelligent display reveals only the keys you need for the device you have selected
- Unique user feedback
- The Electro-Luminous Display combines the flexibility of a touch-screen with the push button feel
- Motion activated screen
- Vibration switch that activates the remote control as soon as it is touched
- Screen brightness adjustment
- Flexible brightness control of your EL-panel for daylight and night-time viewing
- Ergonomic and Stylish Design
- Macro keys
- Create macros to perform any sequence of commands from a single button
- Future proof via a built-in modem, enabling it to be kept up to date with the codes of every new device on the market

The device is a registered trademark of Advanced System Technologies Limited.
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