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Wireless Remote Control Panel
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The dashboard of the digital home
Life is complicated enough without facing half a dozen remote controls every day. Philips iPronto can manage the most cutting-edge digital lifestyle from one universal controller.
iPronto is the all-in-one dashboard for your digital home. Just a few buttons and touch-screen interfaces can control an entire entertainment centre – and anything else, from lighting to air conditioning.
But, iPronto does more than replace existing remote controls. Because it functions over Wi-Fi,it manages music, movies and photos across all the devices on your wireless network – making it the perfect Streamium companion.
Thanks to the built-in browser, iPronto gives direct access to customised Internet content, including an exclusive Electronic Program Guide. So you get yesterday’s scores, today’s TV and tomorrow’s weather without ever leaving your chair.
PCMCIA slot with removable iEEE 802.11b wireless network adapter.
8 direct access buttons to customise screen layouts.
5 Programmable control buttons for volume, channel, mute.
Status display for power, infrared activity and wireless indication.
Built-in rechargeable lithium -ion battery with external charger and power supply.
Future upgradeable multimedia card slot and USB port.
Wireless Network:
iEEE 802.11b compliant WiFi device.
Infrastructure mode support.
Full security through 64 bit or 128 bit encryption.
Dynamic host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) or fixed IP Mode.
Built-in Universal infrared code database with the latest devices from over 500 brands.
Two power-LED's on front for sending and learning infrared codes.
Operating distance of 10 metres (33ft).
Infrared code learning frequency up to 78kHz and 455kHz.
Dashboard - Dynamic user interface to drive all applications.
Remote control.
Electronic Program guide.
Internet browser.
PC-software iProntoEdit to fully customerize the user interface.
Remote software up grades through the web conection

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