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PHILIPS Pronto Neo Universal LCD

Pronto Neo Universal LCD Remote Control
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PHILIPS Pronto Neo Universal LCD
Total control of all your home cinema equipment.
The SBCRU930 ProntoNeo is the ultimate universal remote control for your entire home cinema. You can customize its user interface to suit your personal requirements by adding buttons,
changing layouts and creating macros. It works with all IR controlled audio and video equipment – including color TVs, DVD players and recorders, satellite receivers, digital set-top boxes,VCRs and multi-channel hi-fi systems.
Dynamic touch-screen LCD display for easy operation.
The ProntoNeo’s touch-screen display brings the benefit of personalized ‘one-touch’ operation to your home cinema.
Forget about a table full of separate remotes! The more common functions also have direct access ‘hardware’ buttons for maximum ease-of-use. And the whole unit features cool blue-tinted backlighting for extra convenience in darkened rooms.
Create your own custom buttons and macros.
You can control everything from the direct-access touch-screen. ProntoNeo is supplied with a logical standard display layout, although this is easily modified to suit you.T he unlimited macro facility allows you to create a series of as many commands or keystrokes as you like under a single button. And with 1MB of flash memory, you can program as many macros and commands per macro as you’re ever likely to need.
Upgradeable via a PC for future-proof programming
With the easy-to-use NeoEdit software, which is supplied on CD-ROM, you can create or change layouts, import graphics such as network logos and create macros using your PC.
The Philips Pronto website also keeps you updated with the latest features, making ProntoNeo future proof!
Built-in database and learning capability covers all brands
With the biggest database of control codes ever built-in to a universal remote, the ProntoNeo controls virtually every IR remote controlled product – regardless of brand. It also includes a powerful learning capability for more exotic functions to ensure absolute compatibility with virtually every IR remote control on the market

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