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PHILIPS Pronto Pro Universal Colour LCD

Pronto Pro Universal Colour LCD Remote Control
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PHILIPS Pronto Pro Universal Colour LCD
The Pronto Pro is the ultimate universal remote. Control all your equipment with this innovative touch screen. Regardless of the brand, it will operate all the original functions while adding new convenience features. Make it work for you any way you like. It's fully flexible and programmable full colour interface can be tailored via your own PC. The addition of RF makes it trully versatile in controlling your equipment anywhere in the home, not hampered by any walls.
Pre-programmed (all brands)
Instant operation
Customizable user interface (via RS-232)
Allows for complete customisation of the remote control to suit your personal wishes
LCD / Touch-screen (colour)
Easy and quick access to all functionality
Unlimited devices
Indicates the number of remotes you can replace
Learning capability
Allows for any function to be copied from the old remote
RF Control (in combination with Power Control or Remote Control Extender)
Allows for remote switching of electricity via the Power Control or extending remote control signals through walls via the Remote Control Extender
Allows for reading in dark or dimly lit environment
Widespread transmission signal
No need to direct the remote to your equipment, it operates from almost any position
Timer capability
Allows you to operate devices on specific times
Direct Menu Access
Direct Access to the On-Screen-Display menu
Extra Large keys
Easy to find and use the keys you need
Colour/Brightness control
Important functionality not always present in universal remote controls
Macro function
Allows you to execute a sequence of commands at the touch of one button

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