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SaitekAviator Joystick (Xbox 360/PC) Saitek Aviator Flight Stick for Xbox 360 & PC (Barcode EAN = 0021165109452).Mobile Phone Accessories£1.99Aviator Joystick (Xbox 360/PC)
SAITEKAdrenaline Pad Adrenaline Pad For XboxXbox AccessoriesAdrenaline Pad
SAITEKAdrenaline Wheel Adrenaline Wheel for XboxXbox AccessoriesAdrenaline Wheel
SAITEKAudio Video Hub Audio Video Hub.Xbox AccessoriesAudio Video Hub

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Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock (silver) - Chess Timer £49.99
saitek competition pro game clock silver chess timer saitek s new competition pro game clock is the timer you can rely on rugged enough for the heavy handed and advanced enough to have many timing features this clock will meet your requirements suitable for a variety of games from competitive chess matches to family games of scrabble sleek and stylish the large lcd screens display remaining time accurate to the second as well as countdown and move features etc simple controls offer 25 timer mode
Saitek Competition Pro Game Clock (silver) - Chess Timer
SAITEK Pro Flight Multi Panel £87.20
Add a new dimension to your flight simulation experience with this Pro Flight Multi Panel from Saitek! The Pro Flight Multi Panel is designed to work with the Flight Simulator X and 2004, and can be mounted onto the Pro Flight Yoke System, allowing you to add an autopilot control to your home cockpit set-up. There's no need to bring the features up on screen; they operate in just the same way as switches and other controllers pilots use in real life. Meanwhile, the settings, scroll wheel and light indicators heighten the experience further.
SAITEK   Pro Flight Multi Panel
SAITEK Pro Flight Switch Panel £66.93
  Saitek is expanding its Pro Flight Range with the Pro Flight Switch Panel! The Pro Flight Switch Panel adds extra realism to Microsofts flight simulation game: Microsoft Flight Simulator X. This switch panel is designed to be mounted straight onto the Pro Flight Yoke, so you can create your very own cockpit in minutes. Its multiple controls include a landing gear, an engine on/off mode and a fuel pump. Feel like a real pilot with the Pro Flight Switch Panel!
SAITEK   Pro Flight Switch Panel
SAITEK Pro Flight Throttle, Prop and Mixture System for flight simulators £98.94
The Saitek Pro Flight is fully compatible with all major flight simulation titles for PC and replicates the control panel found in light aircraft like the Cessna, Piper and Money Bravo.In addition to its three axes (throttle, mixture and prop pitch), this flight simulator panel has 9 programmable toggle switches to provide you with a host of different controls during your flight.  What's more, the Saitek Pro Flight Throttle/Prop/Mixture Axis offers a variety of mounting options - clamps are included with the unit. Take to the skies with the Pro Flight Throttle/Prop/Mixture Axis by Saitek!
SAITEK   Pro Flight Throttle, Prop and Mixture System for flight simulators

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