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SanyoABCVW24 Sanyo 'Virus Washer' Air Purifier - Controls Airbourne Viruses, Pollen, and AllergensAir PurifiersABCVW24

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PureAire Revitaliser Classic - Air Purifier - Air Purifying System £31.49
PureAire Revitaliser Classic is the original compact air revitaliser which covers an area up to 800sq feet. Provides fresh, clean air and a healthy living environment which will improve quality of life, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers.
PureAire Revitaliser Classic - Air Purifier - Air Purifying System
Bodi-Tek Pyramid Room Ioniser - White - Air Purifier - Clears Dust £18.95
Bodi-Tek Pyramid Room Ioniser in White offers a stylish solution to poor air quality in the home or the office. It clears the air we breathe of smoke, dust and pollen and may help alleviate symptoms of asthma, hay fever and dust allergies.
Bodi-Tek Pyramid Room Ioniser - White - Air Purifier - Clears Dust
Air Purifier for Car (0653 -Ap1037) £75.98
Air Purifier for Car (0653 -Ap1037), FeaturesThis Auto Ionic Air Purifier is meanly designed for car, to decompose the formaldehyde, benzene etc harmful materials in it, to relieve the fatigue, to relax your spirit pressures, to refresh your body, to curb the bacteria and to promote the immunity ability.Exclusive metalic outlooking shows its individualityFrench nature plants elite spa with the odours can be changeableThis Car Air Purifier combine the advanced filtering technology, the air after going through the preliminary net, killing net, active carbon net and photo accelerant will become fresher.High density active carbon fiber has extremely strong trapping power. Besides it can prevent the bacteria and virus from spreading fast, improving the bacteria killing effectAuto Air Purifier adopt positive and negative high voltage to kill the bacteria, dust collecting etc.The active carbon super absorbing and removing smells abilityNegetive ions freshening and cleaning functions, 10 million negative oxygen vitamin advances metabolism , accelerates peoples immunity.SpecificationProduct Air Purifier for CarSuitable Place : CarMaterial : AluminumDimensions : 15.5 x 11.5 x 3.4 cmCoverage : 30 Square MetersPower : 5 WRated Voltage : DC 12VRated Frequency : 50 Hz-60 HzPower Supply : Car AdaptorShipping Weight : 0.45 kg
Air Purifier for Car (0653 -Ap1037)
Grenoble Air Purifier Ioniser 4-in-1 Filter Silver £69.90
Effectively and effortlessly fight food odours, cigarette smoke, house dust and much more.With its high rate of air flow, the Klarstein Grenoble Air Purifier Ioniser reliably removes pollen, house dust, fine dust mites, and residues from the air in the room. The multi-layer filter system eliminates 99.97% of all micro-particles in the air, and also reduces unpleasant odours with its built-in activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter may be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a little water, and may remain in use for up to 12 months before it should be replaced.Klarstein provides an ideal home appliance with the Grenoble Air Purifier, which fully meets the demand for cleaner, more energetic air. The air purifier needs only to be plugged into a socket, then it can effectively perform its duties immediately and reliably around the clock - even while you sleep - with pleasantly quiet low operating noise.Operation of the device is done either via the easy-to-understand control panel on the front side or conveniently via the remote control. The Klarstein Grenoble Air Purifier features three variable speed settings and also has an adjustable 12-hour timer. The ioniser reduces dust and particulate matter effectively and contributes to the maintenance of a hypoallergenic environment. Thanks to the beneficial effect of ions, you can breathe better and with fewer allergies or respiratory distress.The Grenoble Air Purifier Ioniser is perfect for bathrooms, offices, or kitchens as well as living rooms, bedrooms and children's rooms.
Grenoble Air Purifier Ioniser 4-in-1 Filter Silver

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