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Admiral 3RATW3005TQ

American Top Loading Washing Machine- White
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Admiral 3RATW3005TQ
Once you’ve experienced an American-style washing machine you won’t want to go back to the more traditional type. With massive capacity and fast wash times, they really do make light work of your laundry pile. The Admiral 3RATW3005TQ washing machine can pack a heavyweight 7.5kg load, enough for 10 bath towels. And thanks to it being a top loader, it’s really fast and easy to load large and bulky items. There are 5 programmes to choose from including an 18-minute Quick wash and a Permanent Press cycle that cuts down on ironing your garments afterward. Bliss! Whether washing a handkerchief or a duvet, the Admiral 3RATW3005TQ’s intelligent wash options deal with every eventuality - you can even complete a wash in under 15 minutes. Please noteThis washing machine does not have a heating element and requires equal water pressure in both the hot and cold water inlet hoses. The water pressure must be between 30 and 120 psi.

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