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Washer Dryer Fully Integrated 1200rpm
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1200 rpm spin - 900/700/500 rpm spin reduction
2 temperature drying selection
2.25 kg / 5 lb drying load
2.25 kg / 5 lb wash and dry programme for cottons
24 wash programmes
4.5kg / 10 lb wash load
41 litres / 1.1 kWh for wash /spin cycle
Additional rinse button for sensitive skin
BIO wash phase
Condenser TURBO drying
Cool down stage
Drum capacity: 42 Litres
Easy access fluff filter
Gentle wool cradle programme
LED wash time and stage display
Low water and energy consumption:
minimum iron spin cycle
Reverse tumble action
Self cleaning condenser
Sensortronic foam suppression
Single knob easy-read programme selection
Wash, spin, dry consumption: 91 litres / 4.5 kWh

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