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AEG L52810

Washing Machine- White
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AEG L52810
Free 2 year guarantee. The large 6kg capacity AEG L52810 washing machine allows you to set your required programme with a single turn of the knob, then sorts the rest out for you. Theres over 15 programme combinations, including hand wash and easy iron programmes. All AEG machines have an 8 minute Biowash phase; this precedes the main wash and ensures that the enzymes in the detergent are released at a temperature not exceeding 40C for optimum stain and soiling removal.The washing machines intelligent fuzzy logic detects if too much detergent has been added and adds extra rinses if required. It will also monitor the laundry load and rearrange it prior to spinning if its out of balance.The washing machines LED display also indicates if a fault is detected, with a F+ number. There is a guide in the instruction booklet to the F+ numbers, many of which refer to faults the user can fix. Otherwise an engineer needs to be called, but if he has the fault code he can ensure he brings any relevant parts. All m

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