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Slimline Washing Machine
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* A wash and energy rating
* C spin performance
* Newly designed door with 180 degree opening angle
* Large porthole making loading and unloading exceptionally easy
* Spin: 1200-600 rpm
* Only 40 cm deep
* Large drum up to 4 kg load
* 3D AquaSpa wash system
* Water fills drum from the bottom
* Holes in the back wall of the drum for quicker soaking
* New designed stainless steel paddles shower water from above
* Electronically controlled through Fuzzy logic
* Automatic adjustment of water level according to size and type of load
* Adjustment of washing time through Fuzzy logic control system
* Automatic out of balance spin protection feature with Fuzzy logic
* Clear text on the fascia to ensure ease of use
* Multifunction control dial for programme and temperature selection
* 15 programmes
* LED programme status indicator
* Rinse hold option on all programmes
* Very quiet
* Colour: White
* Weight: 65kg
* Dimensions: H852mm x W600mm x D400mm

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