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Hotpoint WMUD823P

Washing Machine
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Hotpoint WMUD823P
Depth (mm) 605 mm
Height (mm) 850 mm
Width (mm) 595 mm
Colour White
Electronic Display
An LCD or LED display, which provides essential information about the program selection and the progress of the cycle.
Energy Efficiency
Reveals how effectively an appliance uses energy, the higher the efficiency the more economical it is and the lower the energy bill. A scale from A+ to G indicates efficiency, A+ being most economical, a crucial factor in view of recent energy price rises
Guarantee 1 Year
Half Load
A program for those occasions when there are only a few items to clean. Half-load is designed to use less water and energy than a normal cycle.
Programmes 16
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Quick Wash
A Quick wash programme is tailored to reduce the wash and spin times, useful if you have lightly soiled garments or when you need items cleaned quickly.
Spin Peformance
Spin Performance indicates the machines ability to extract water from the wash load at the end of the program. Efficiency is indicated by a scale of performance from A+ to G, with A+ being the most efficient, i.e. the most water extracted.
Spin Speed
A machines fastest spin drying speed, expressed as R.P.M. e.g.1400rpm. The faster the spin speed the more water is removed from the load. The performance is also expressed as a scale from A++ to G, with A++ being the most efficient.
1200 rpm
Wash Load (kg)
Indicates the maximum capacity of the drum during a standard washing cycle, expressed in Kilograms (Kg), i.e. 6.5Kg.
8.0 kg
Wash Performance
Also known as cleaning performance, this indicates how effectively an appliance removes dirt and grease from the wash load and that the unit attains a high level of hygiene. A scale running from A+ to G indicates performance with A+ being most effective.
Water Feed
Indicates whether the appliance requires connecting to the cold water supply or whether a hot and cold connection is required.
Cold Fill

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