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Miele Platinum Plus W3922

Washing Machine- White
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Miele Platinum Plus W3922
Free 2 year guarantee. Exclusive to John Lewis, Mieles Platinum Plus is an advanced washing machine with 18 washing programmes including auto, delicates, express and woollens, with bespoke options for denim, darks and dirty sportswear.The machines drum has a honeycomb-patterned surface which creates a film of water which cushions garments from the drum, reducing wear and tear. With traditional dial controls, a backlit LCD electronic display and LED lights illuminating the stage of the wash and showing time to run.Other handy features of the Platinum Plus W3922 includes automatic load sensing which measures the volume and absorbency of the laundry. It works out exactly how much water and time each load needs to save you time and money. Sequence indicator lights let you know how far the machine has progressed with your washing and time remaining.This Miele machine will also protect you from leaks, thanks to a water control system which monitors water levels and the PC update facility means that as laun

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