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Miele W1613

Washing Machine- White
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Miele W1613
The modern-looking Miele W1613 washing machine offers 9 wash programmes and takes just 109 minutes on a 60°C wash. The W1613 has a wide 33cm door opening for easier loading and unloading. It also features Miele’s Water Plus System, which raises the water level - if necessary adding an extra rinse if it’s needed. There’s also an excess detergent indicator, so you won’t overdo the non-biological.A wide choice of spin speeds (400 – 1300rpm) means this Miele washing machine can cope with every kind of garment or fabric, including an anti-crease action to help with the ironing. A sequence indicator lights let you know how far the wash cycle has progressed and the time remaining, plus there’s a buzzer to tell you when the washing’s over. The delay start button also lets you take advantage of off-peak electricity. This W1613 will also protect you from leaks, thanks to a water control system which monitors water levels.Miele machine

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