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Washing Machine
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Free 2 year guarantee. This advanced washing machine provides 35 washing programmes including pre-wash, economy, quick wash and hand wash for all your washing needs. The machines drum has a honeycomb patterned surface. This creates a film of water which cushions garments from the drum – reducing wear and tear. Other handy features include automatic load sensing which measures the volume and absorbency of the laundry. It works out exactly how much water and time each load needs to save you time and money. Sequence indicator lights meanwhile let you know how far the machine has progressed with your washing and even how much time is remaining. All Miele machines are designed to protect you from leaks. The water control system monitors the levels of water in the machine to ensure this. Miele machines are famous for their longevity; their machines are designed to have a lifespan of 20 years in normal use, and Miele will therefore guarantee to carry spare parts accordingly. Their machines h

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