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1300 spin washing machine
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Energy Efficiency A
Wash Performance A
Spin Performance B
Straight facia
Easily accessible filter
Direct enamel casing
Swing open front for servicing
Fully electronic child resistant controls
PC Update facility
Single programme selector switch
Programme sequence indicator lights
Freely selectable temperatures
400/600/900/1300 rpm spin speeds
Rinse hold and without final spin options
Imbalance check
Automatic load adjustmentwith fuzzy logic for auto matic savings on water, electricity and time
Automatic foam sensingand control
Mixed wash, separte rinse, starcg, quick wash, handwashable wollens, silks programme
Soak programme, pre-wash, short, The Water Plus system
High rinse level, fourth cottons rinse, gentle action, soak time 30 mins - 2 hrs
The water control system
Check water inlet and outlet indicator
Fault diagnosis programme for service engineers
Detergent overdosing indicator
49 litres water, 0.95 k Wh electricity
Can be built under or stacked
Partners T240 and T250C tumble dryer
H-850mm W-600mm D-580mm

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