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Washer 1800spin Electronic Control
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- FabriCare System washing machine
- Energy efficiency A
- Wash performance A
- Spin drying performance A
- 400-1800 rpm spin
- Comfort line angled facia
- Unique Miele Honeycomb drum
- Easily accessible filter
- Direct enamel casing
- Removable front and sides for servicing
- Halogen drum lighting
- Professional brushless motor
- Fully electronic child resistant controls
- PC Update facility
- Single programme selector switch with light ring
- Freely selectable temperatures
- Programme sequence indicator lights
- Unique load size indicator and recommended detergent dosing system
- Rinse hold and without final spin options
- Gentle run up to spin
- Imbalance check
- Automatic load adjustment with Fuzzy logic
- Automatic foam sensing and control
- Consumption: 45 litres water, 0.95 kWh electricity
- Additional programmes
- Additional functions

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