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Washing Machine
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180 Deg Opening YES The large porthole with 180 opening door makes loading and unloading exceptionally easy
Hand Wash YES This is a gentle programme to let you wash clothes marked "hand wash only" in your washing machine
Anti-crease Option YES At the end of the wash programme the drum continues to turn intermittently to prevent the washing from settling into creases and folds. The drum can be accessed at any time during this period.
Colour White
Height 850 Millimeters (mm)
Overflow Protection YES Equipped to protect you against leaks
Energy Consumption 1.14 This indicates the power or electrical consumption of the appliance. The lower the figure the less electricity it uses
No of Programs 10 The number of programmes will vary according to the sophistication of the machine, but broadly they will break down into cottons (need the most rigorous washing action), synthetics or easy care, delicate and woollens (need lots of water and very little agitation).
Pre Wash YES An extra cycle to soften ground in dirt and stains.
Time to end of Program YES This lets you know the precise moment that the wash programme will finish and provides an instant check on the progress of the programme cycle.
Energy Rating A An alphabetical classification going from "A" to "G" - An "A-Grade" Energy Efficient machine will save you money by using less water and electricity
Spin Performance C
Wash Performance A
Digital Display YES An easy to read display which tells you things you need to know about the wash; the fabric type, spin speed, temperatures, programme progress, time delay and time left to run*. dependant on model specification
Door hinge position LEFT
Electronic programme selector YES No need for dials, just push one button, make your selection and press start
Quickwash YES You can select a quick wash programme to speed things up - best suited to lightly soiled items.
Rinse Hold YES Holds the washing in the final clean rinse water prior to spinning in case youre not there to remove the clothes as soon as theyve spun, reducing the risk of creasing
Variable Temperature YES The programme temperature can be lowered to suit different fabrics.
Variable Spin YES Variable spin speed is particularly useful if your wash regularly includes delicate items such as silks or fine cottons as this feature allows you to select a lower spin speed to better protect your garments.
Water consumption 54 The lower the water consumption the more money youll save by using less water
Wool Program YES For fabrics such as fine wools or silk. This program can actually be even gentler and more effective at protecting your clothes than washing by hand
Drum Capacity 54 The greater a washing machines drum capacity the more washing you can do at any one time.
Spin Stability YES
Wash Load kg 6 The greater a washing machines wash load the more washing you can do at any one time. Large wash load machines are useful for washing bulky items like duvets or bath towels but washing smaller loads in a large drum will reduce creasing and make ironing easier.
Width 598 Millimeters (mm)
Delay Timer YES Enable pre-setting of start of wash cycle, for convenience, or to take advantage of cheap-rate electricity
Half Load Function YES This option is particularly useful when you only want to wash a small number of items. It also saves on water consumption
Larger Porthole YES Makes loading and unloading of your clothes and fabrics easier
Mechanical programme selector NO Select your chosen wash programme with easy to use dials
Noise Level 69 The lower the dB the quieter the machine is.
Spin Speed 1400 The higher a washing machines spin speed the more water is extracted from your wash. This is an important consideration for those who do a lot of washing as faster spin speeds mean less drying time. (examples of drying times - 1000 spin 90 mins* / 1600+ spin 70mins* * to tumble dry in a vented tumble dryer)
Time Saver Button YES Allows you to reduce the normal time of some programmes if you just want to refresh certain clothes.

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