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1600 spin speed washing machine st/st
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Brand SMEG
Dimensions 84.0x56.9x57.0(H/W/D)cm
Spin speed 1600RPM The faster the spin speed, the more water is removed from your clothes.
Wash load 11lbs/5kgs Maximum dry load
Wash grade A Graded on a Scale of A - G (A being the best)
Energy efficiency grade A Graded on a Scale of A - G (A being the best)
Spin efficiency grade A Rated on a scale of A-G (A being the best)
No of programmes 15 To suit your particular washing needs.
Light load No
40 degree wash time N/A
60 degree wash time N/A
Quick wash No
Hand wash Yes Delicate program for handwash only items
Wool wash Yes Special gentle wash for machine washable woollens
Delicate wash Yes A lower temperature programme to care for delicate fabrics
Pre-wash Yes For better results on heavily soiled clothes
Variable wash temperature Yes Select the ideal temperature for different fabric types
Auto half load Yes Automatically adjusts water level for smaller loads, saving water, time and money.
Half load option Yes Saves you time and money when washing smaller loads
Start timer delay No
Time remaining indicator Yes Provides an instant check on the progress of the programme cycle.
Temperature sensed fill No
Reduced creasing option Yes less work for you.
Time saver feature No
Super rinse/extra rinse No
npower discount None
npower promotion No
Other features 47litres normal water consumption for a 60 degree wash economical use of water.
Other features 0.95KW energy consumption This indicates the power or electrical consumption of the appliance. The lower the figure the less electricity it uses.
Other features Silk wash Extra low temperature wash with gentle wash programme for delicate silk items.
Other features Automatic water level control Saves water
Other features Automatic fault diagnosis Helps indicate if something is wrong, like taps not turned on
Other features Rinse and hold Reduces creasing and makes ironing easier
Other features Hot and cold fill Uses hot water from domestic water supply, saving time and energy. Reduces programme time.
Other features Cold fill only cold water only goes into the machine as opposed to hot and cold fill which fills with warm water. Hot water alone is too hot for most washes so cold water cools the temperature. In a cold fill the water will be heated by the machine. This is no more expensive than a hot and cold fill,infact it means you are not wasting hot water.
Other features Wide opening door for easy loading/unloading The extra large 300mm doors open to a full 156 degrees making it easy to load and unload
Other features Refresh option - low temperature wash Low temperature wash to freshen up lightly soiled garments - saves time and money.
Other features No spin option particularly useful for delicate fabrics such as soft wool
Other features Intensive wash option A longer wash cycle to clean heavily soiled loads
Other features Audible end of programme signal Lets the user know immediately the cycle has ended, minimising creasing & making ironing easier
Other features Out of balance spin protection The machine constantly checks that it is spinning correctly

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